Sunday, December 25, 2005

Our last christmas as "just adults" has ended.
It's going to be a lot more exciting after this year. We get to be kids again believing in Santa Clause & reindeer & actually having more than 4 presents underneath the tree. Christmas as an adult is kind of boring. We had nice christmas this year though.

Bill's parents have been here for a week helping us get some odds & ends finished in the house & celebrating the holidays. We have ceiling fans in every room now & we are almost finished with window treatments. We had a great christmas dinner & so many treats, I think Logan & I are in sugar shock. That's a perk to pregnancy...not feeling that guilty when you do eat a few cookies.

So now Logan has 5 more weeks until his arrival. He dropped a few days ago. That was nice to finally have him out of my ribs. Bill's mom had mentioned how high Logan was earlier in the week. It was a little cold in the house, so I got up to stand by the fireplace with the cat. She looked at me & said "You look different, you're not carrying so high. I think Logan has dropped". I looked at her with raised eyebrows. It's another step closer to the big day.

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