Friday, December 30, 2005

So last night was eventfull...
I ended up going to the hospital. I've been getting a sharp pain in a specific place for a week or so. I always kind of shrugged it off as my body getting ready. It only lasted for a second & it was pretty random as to when it happened. Then the last couple of days the pain became a little more intense & a little more frequent. I thought that I should call the advice nurse to see if I was ignoring something that needed to be checked out. I was on the phone for 45 minutes being asked every question in the world. I started to get frustrated thinking "Why did I even call"? After more questions (a lot of them the same question over & over) the nurse consulted with a Doctor.
"According to our guidelines, you need to go to the hospital", she stated. "The urgent care clinic? Or the hospital that I'm going to deliver at?" I was a little shocked. "The hospital. Do you have a ride? I can call an ambulance if you need a ride". I thought this comment was funny because I had been driving all day running errands with this pain. I had even worked out earlier that morning. "So, even though I'm not having uterine contractions that I can time, I don't have back pain, I'm not bleeding & my water hasn't broken, I still need to go to the hospital"? "Yes", she says.

So I call Bill at the gym at one of the most inconvenient times durring the month. The last day of the year sale on memberships before the gym jacks up the price for New Years resolutions. A big money day for them, & here I am picking up the sales manager durring prime time. I end up driving out there to pick him up ( I wasn't about to take an ambulance), explaining that I was only expecting them to say everything was normal. Not, you need to go to the hospital.

We get to the hospital & they check us in (so next time when it's the real thing, it will go much faster) & get me into an observation room. The nurse asks me a lot of questions again & hooks me up to a fetal monitor while we wait for the Doctor. While we're waiting, Bill & I are laughing at how much Logan is moving & watching his heart rate jump all over the place. The Doctor comes in & asks all of the same questions the nurse had & says that he's going to check my cervix. He then goes to consult with another Doctor. They both come back to the room & say that the cervix is still closed & high behind the baby's head. The baby is sitting pretty low though & probably hitting a nerve on the cervix. However, I've been having more contrations than they anticipated (which I thought was strange, because I wasn't feeling anything, really). Logan was looking really good on the monitor though, they kept calling him a beautiful baby (ok, pretty funny). Because I'm at 35 weeks they could let me go home & come back if anything changes, or I could stay for 2 hours in observation. I didn't think that was necessary, so we left.

Bill went back to work for a few more hours & I drove home. I was exhausted from all of the excitement that had happened & started to fall asleep on the couch. I did start to notice two very distinct contractions that I could time. I think it's time to get the suitcase packed & buy the stop watch.

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