Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!
Just like everyone else is saying, I can't believe it's another year. Time does fly by faster when you get older. Which is a funny thought because 25 is not that old. Last night Bill & I went to a small party at a friends loft downtown. It was fun, lots of poker playing, eatting & laughing at the dog someone brought along. A lot of people made the "I'm getting so old" comment. We were all about the same age, however when people started arriving I did think to myself "God, we're hanging out with old people now". Bill & I were the only married couple there (that was a heated topic for some couples) & the only couple with kids (on the way). We were also very satisfied that nobody got drunk & puked everywhere or had any crazy events happen to talk about the next day. I think we use the term "old" because we have more experience.

Before we left for the party, I had finished putting our wedding album together (nesting at it's finest, considering that I've been thinking about this album for six years). That is when I started to feel "old". I look back at how young we were (19 & 21) & how we thought we knew everything. Everything has worked out for the better & we've had some increadible years together, but we were so...young & clueless. I think we still are young & clueless, but we have a little bit more under our belts now. I think about when Logan is older, like 19 or 20 & how old I'll feel then. Sometimes I don't even want to think about it.

This is the year that we turn to a new chapter in our lives. Our first child & the adventures of starting a family. It's going to be a busy year & I'm sure we're going to learn more than we ever thought. This is going to be one of those times where I look back & think "we were so...young & clueless".

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