Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I wish we had a piano.
We even have the perfect sized space for one in the living room. I used to play for years. I remember trying to teach myself when I was 6. I eventually got the hang of it & learned to play by ear. That & my grandma Nancy would teach me a little too. I started lessons, I just don't know when (10 maybe?) & stopped them when I met Bill when I was 17. It was a lot of fun. I got to play in concerts & competitions in highschool.

For years I've mentioned that I want to pick it back up. A couple of years ago Bill got me a keyboard for christmas. It was sweet & I thought it would be the same, but it's not. Nothing beats the real thing. It's kind of funny that we have all of these instruments (keyboard, guitar, digideroo) & nobody plays them. Music is such a huge part of our lives too!

I often wonder if Logan will appreciate music as much as we do. Will he want to play piano, guitar, or maybe something else? What kind of music will he like? We were talking about what we could listen to around Logan because Bill is in a big rap phase (again). I told him that I don't want our toddler singing about smacking his ho. We laughed, but it's true. With as much reggae as I've been listening to, I'm convinced that he'll be born rastafarian.


Corinne said...

Totally understand... I love playing the piano, and my parents have one at home. Nothing beats playing the real thing...

Kristin said...

Bill laughs at me when I mention wanting to play the piano. "You have a keyboard that you never touch!" I would totally be more motivated to practice if we actually had a piano. Maybe someday :)