Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mr. Independent
It's always been important to me as a mother to teach Logan how to be independent. I've wanted him to be able to rely on himself at a very early age, even if it's only starting with the simplest of tasks. Now being pregnant with Carter, I am so glad we've been raising Logan this way because it makes our life so much easier.

Logan is doing exceptionally well with "chores", like putting his dishes in the sink when he's finished, cleaning up his toys (sort of), putting his shoes on & getting into his car seat on his own. He's even getting better about going to bed & taking a nap without the major hysterics that we've been through before. He's so proud of himself, always exclaiming "by myself!", after accomplishing something on his own. He's growing up so fast.

In the next month I'm going to figure out what else he could do on his own. Maybe getting his own snacks & drinks from the refrigerator & working with him more on getting himself dressed (we'll see how this goes). By him being So Big, it will certainly make the transition to a two kid family a little bit easier. Plus, it makes Logan feel so good about himself. Now if he would only potty train, we would be set!

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Joanna said...

Yay Logan! He's growing up so quickly, just like they all do. Kelsie loves to be Ms. Independent and gets fussy if we don't let her do something on her own.