Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just not feeling it
My workouts in the gym suck. As in non-existent. Sure, I still walk for 45-60 minutes two to four times a week, but weight lifting? Forget about it. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm tired & weak from losing 20 pounds of muscle that I won't get back until I start lifting again after Carter is born. So, I see no point. I'm not maintaining what muscle & strength I have left because I'm pretty much going to have to start from scratch. Besides that, I'm having braxton hicks contractions up the wazoo and although they aren't uncomfortable, they happen often & I'm using my better judgment & taking it easy this last trimester.

My clients that I train can tell that I'm working out vicariously through them (especially photographer friend), which sure is getting them accelerated results. Nobody is doing easy workouts at this point & I just hang back & count the days until I can get back into it. When designing their routines, I often add in exercises that I know are very challenging & give you a great rush of adrenaline after the set (or at least for me). They may hate me now, but by God, after the summer is over they will all be looking awesome (regardless if they eat right because the workouts are that intense).

On the flip side, I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy these last three months of hot fudge sundaes, marshmallows & eating whatever I want while parking my butt on the couch. While mentally uncomfortable for me, it's one of the last time's in my life that this lifestyle will be acceptable. Live it while I can, is often in the back of my mind. I'm not on track to gain 70 pounds or something crazy like that (I'm actually only 10 pounds up from pre-pregnancy weight, or I was at my last OB appointment - even though this really doesn't mean anything), so it's not like I'm going balls to the wall & eating everything in sight.

It's a very confusing situation for me to be in & I'm trying to work with it...

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Joanna said...

I wished I knew workouts that didn't matter what I ate!