Thursday, July 03, 2008

All caught up
This morning Logan had his re-evaluation with the speech therapist. Back in March I took him in & we discovered that he was three to five months behind on expressive language skills (something that I had been talking to his pediatrician about at every appointment that language development skills were being tracked). We were given some homework & pretty much advised to force him to talk. We noticed a difference within a week.

I've been looking forward to this appointment for a while because I was very interested in how Logan has progressed in three months. Since we saw some improvements within a short amount of time & within the last 2 weeks or so, he's been speaking in sentences (if only a select few) I knew it was going to be good news.

We got to the clinic & while I waited in the waiting room, Logan played with all of the toys that they have out for the kids. He even made a couple of friends while sharing toys. We were called back & when we got into the evaluation room, Logan got right back into playing with toys & talking up a storm. While the therapist & Logan played, I went back over the sheet that first showed he had a vocabulary of 127 words when he was supposed to have 200 or so. I circled the rest of the words he's gained since then. It was almost every word on the sheet. She & Logan continued to play with the farm animals & he was having such a good time. He talked about the spider & even things I didn't know he understood, like how chickens lay eggs (where on Earth did he get that? School? Because I don't think we even mention the word 'egg' in our house other than Easter). They talked about what sounds the animals made, what colors they were, drove tractors around the floor & Logan loved to pick up a toy & ask her "Iss?" (meaning, 'what's this'?).

I told her how in the last week or so Logan has begun to put complex sentences together, like on Sunday he said (very clearly), "But I just want it!", in the whiniest tone ever. He's also said that "ambulance takes hurt people to the Doctor", after I told him so one evening while going to pick up Bill from work & we saw an ambulance at a stop light.

The catch 22 is that I'm still the only one who can understand about 80-90% of what he says, but I guess that's typical. Everyone else should be able to understand about 50% of what he says. So, I have to stay on top of my game & make sure he talks & responds even though I clearly know what he's saying & what he needs. That's pretty much what got us in this speech development situation in the first place.

After all was said & done, Logan passed with flying colors. The speech pathologist said that he was all caught up & didn't need to come back. If we notice issued with pronunciation around three to four years old, then we might, but she highly doubts that we will. I was so happy that Logan had done so well & that he's right on track where he needs to be.

When we got home for lunch, I got some video of Logan having a conversation. It's pretty funny because he wasn't being that cooperative, so most of what he's saying is "no" (go figure). There's a Part 1 & Part 2.

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COURTNEY said...

It's amazing how much kid's know that we don't even think they know. The video is really cute. He says "butterfly" exactly like my daughter says it.