Thursday, March 20, 2008

The speech evaluation
This afternoon Logan & I met with the speech pathologist to get his evaluation. After filling out the initial paperwork, we met with the speech pathologist in a room with a bunch of toys. Logan quickly got to playing with the box full of cars while we went over a checklist & another paper where I circled all of the words he uses regularly. She also played with him, blowing bubbles & asking him to pick up toys that he dumped all over the floor (which resulted in a few meltdowns).

He has a 127 word vocabulary, which isn't too bad, but he should be at about 200. He's on track with everything else except for expressive language. He's about 3-5 months behind there. I was given a worksheet that included a list of activities that help facilitate speech & language skills development. Most of them we already do, but what's happening is Logan throws a fit when we do any of these activities & I drop it, not wanting to force him. Now I have to force him to use his words (which I'm not sure will work or not. I can see big power struggles happening with this). I'm going to do everything that was suggested & we go back in 3 months for another evaluation to check on his improvement.

I also think it's high time I check out a book on how to raise a spirited toddler or a stubborn child.

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