Monday, March 03, 2008

This is not the best form of flattery
It's no secret that I've been quite sick for quite some time now. It's to the point where I'm throwing up at least twice on a good day & up to 10 or more times on a bad day. But regardless, I throw up every single day. Even on the medication, which I need to double up with a secondary medication & we're still trying to figure out what the best secondary medication is.

So, with me throwing up all of the time, I'm often running off to the bathroom. At first I never said anything to Logan about it, until he started to cry & get upset at hearing me being sick. As time went on, he got used to me being sick & began pointing to me saying "sick? sick?", to which I would reply, "Yes, Mommy is sick". I started giving him warnings as I was running across the house, "Mommy is going to be sick. Sit here & watch SpongeBob". He would stand outside the door, "sick? sick?" until I came out. Sometimes he would try to break in, even though I had the bathroom door locked.

Well, tonight was different. We had just gone to pick Bill up from work & he made Logan's dinner when we got back & settled in. I was sitting on the couch, immobile, trying not to throw up. Bill was at the table with him doing whatever on the laptop & the next thing we know, Logan starts making these horrible sounds. Bill & I look at each other. "He's pretending to throw up", Bill says in a disgusted, shocked tone. "Well, that's just lovely", I reply, knowing how often Logan listens to me wretch in the bathroom everyday.

So, not only is Logan constantly pointing to me saying "sick", but he's now imitating me throwing up in the bathroom. I think I better start saving up for his therapy costs now, because I'm pretty sure I've just scarred him for life.


tyfamilyadventures said...

Tristin use to do the same thing.He was 18 months when I got pregnant with Braidi.He eventually grew out of it.So hopefully you will be safe.I am sorry you feel so bad.I took the medicine and recieved alot of shots.The shots they gave me helped the best.I hope something works out soon.Take care of yourself.

Heather said...

Have you had any luck with getting Zofran through a pump? (Sorry if you have and have covered this already in your blog.) I've had one for almost two weeks and although it's not gotten rid of the nausea completely, the vomiting is almost down to nothing. Oral Phenergan and Zofran were practically useless for me too. Best of luck!

Reesh said...

Kids imitate life. You throwing up is a part of his life so he is going to imitate it. I think it's great that you are explaining it to him so he has some understanding of what the noises are. Lily takes her dolls to the potty, puts them in time out and rubs teething gel on their gums. It's her way of understanding her world. I think Logan is just trying to process it and he will turn out just fine.

You poor thing though. I couldn't imagine being as sick as you are! The only good thing about it is that you know you are going to have a perfectly normal healthy baby despite it all, I mean look at Logan - worth it no?

Hang in there...