Friday, March 07, 2008

2 year check-up
This morning Logan had his 2 year check-up. It was actually a very uneventful visit since we are on a selective-delayed vaccination schedule. So, he didn't have any shots today. They just did a routine visit & we ended up walking out with another referral to another specialist.

When we were escorted into the exam room, they took Logan's measurements: 36 3/4 in. for height (91%), 27.06 pounds (38%) & his head circumference was 18 3/4 (22%). He had a horrendous eczema breakout this morning with rashes all over his torso, on the back of his arms, lower back, hip/thighs, calves & back of knees. It looked really bad, but the physician's assistant didn't think so & said we were doing a good job of managing it. We went over all of the things we do, like use specific soaps & laundry detergents, special lotions & keeping food allergens out of the house. We're going to soak him in the tub longer every night to try & get his skin more hydrated & see if that will help (which it will).

They also pricked his toe to check his blood & iron levels. Logan was very brave & it didn't phase him one bit. He didn't cry when his toe got pricked or when the PA tried to squeeze out a decent amount of blood. He even tried to help her collect the drop of blood on the slide. It was pretty cute. Despite his picky eating & dislike for protein (other than dairy), he's clearly not anemic & his blood looked great.

We did talk about his language development & I continued to express my concern that he may be delayed (which I've been worried about for many, many months & have brought it up at every single check-up). I filled out a questionnaire & there were still a significant amount of "no's" checked off. The PA still wasn't concerned, but said that she would send in a referral to the speech pathologist because it's better to be safe than sorry. So, we'll see how the referral goes through (insurance companies are pretty stingy about this kind of stuff) & if that doesn't work, I have a different resource to try. But either way, we're now going to see if he's delayed or not. There's a big sense of relief from that, too.

After it was all said & done, he checked out great & I was told repeatedly how healthy & good he looked. It's amazing that I can't keep a plant alive, but my toddler is thriving. Funny how that works out. Barring any significant events & not including visits to the specialists, we won't have to go back to see the pediatrician for a whole year. That is awesome!

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Jaime said...

If your insurance doesn't pull through, contact Early Intervention in your state. They are the most amazing and caring group of people you'll ever meet. Both of my boys got accepted into their programs (autism and speech respectively).