Monday, March 24, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back
Just when I thought I was in the clear & that I was finished dealing with HG, it rears it's ugly head & reminds me that it will be sticking around for a little bit longer. I knew it was too good to be true!!

I had been feeling fine, going on about a month without throwing up. The nausea wasn't too bad & I could live with it. I was eating & drinking (granted the only liquid I could/can drink is juice or chocolate milk, water still isn't sitting well with me). My weight loss had stabilized & I even began to gain some. However, I still needed to take my zofran, even though I reduced the dose from 8mg every 4 hours to 8mg twice a day whenever I needed it. This is where I made my mistake.

I had been feeling so good & so very happy that HG was leaving that I forgot to take my medication all together last Thursday. I usually don't forget these kinds of things, but I guess since I wasn't feeling sick I didn't have much of a reminder. Friday I started to feel gross, but nothing that concerned me. Then Friday evening, on my birthday no less, I was sitting on the couch & had to make a mad dash to the bathroom. I lost my lunch while Logan stood outside the door crying because I had to keep shutting him out & I didn't have enough time to tell him that I was going to be sick. I took my medication immediately after that episode, feeling like I needed a swift kick in the rear for forgetting.

Saturday I wasn't feeling wonderful, but I was bound & determined to go out for my birthday dinner. Bill was taking me out for sushi (California rolls & anything else that was cooked). This is something that I've been craving from the beginning. I was going even if the sushi wasn't going to stick around - but thankfully, it did (along with the Ben & Jerry's hot float that I was almost positive wouldn't stay down).

Easter Sunday I felt the same, not able to eat too much & by dinner I was feeling pretty bad. Bad enough that I couldn't really eat my dinner & after getting Logan to bed, all I wanted to do was stay on the couch. Next to the nausea, everyday since Friday I had been getting massive headaches (a side effect of the medication) that would make me have to hide under a blanket on the couch.

This morning things seem to be getting a little bit better, but I'm still nauseas. I'm starting to notice that I'm getting dehydrated because liquids don't sound appealing, which only exacerbated the nausea. The more dehydrated I am, the less the medication works & a downward spiral happens fast. Thankfully I have some Popsicles & juice (but not much) & I may have to go back to sucking on ice cubes (which helped a whole lot a few weeks ago). I also have a whole watermelon that will help tremendously.

All of this because I missed one day of zofran. It looks like I won't be able to wean off the pills & will be on them the entire time just like I was with Logan. Lesson learned.

***I'll have an Easter update tomorrow along with pictures***


Kayce said...

I'm sorry you're still dealing with all the yucky. You sound exactly like I did with BabyN, though, even down to only being able to drink chocolate milk. You'll be glad to know that about halfway through the pregnancy I was finally able to wean off the zofran altogether. I hope the same happens for you. It's so annoying to be on medicine all the time. And I forgot...the dr gave me something called migraten to combat the zofran headaches. (The zofran would give me migraines, making me more nauseous.) You might want to see if your dr has a suggestion to help you with the headaches.

::Jenn:: said...

good luck... i too was one of the women who had to deal with this through my pregnancy. My daughter was cake walk compared to my son! i got so sick and had to also take Zofran.
on a side note... maybe for future babies that will be the way we determine the sex of the babies!!!