Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arts & crafts day
Today was pretty busy, filled with activities to go to one after the other, back to back. We started off by dropping Bill off at work. We rushed back home so I could jump in the shower while Logan watched Dora (a new favorite - yuck). Our house isn't as toddler proofed as the one we moved from, so Logan tends to get into all sorts of trouble when I have to shower. Yesterday it was trying to draw a star & a smiley face on his hand (which was all just scribbles). This morning it was trying to get into the Preggy Pops left over from the last pregnancy that Bill found when we were packing.

After we got ready, we went to our Monthly Meeting where we hung out, ate snacks & chatted for a little bit. There was an Easter decorating activity where the kids could make spring wreaths made from cut paper plates & decorate foam sticker eggs. Logan loved decorating the eggs & did a good job of being creative. I would have to peel the back off the sticker & he would stick them on wherever. Once I'm sure the camera is connected to the computer, I'll have to take some pictures (as in, tomorrow).

After the meeting we were off to school. Logan absolutely loves it & has such a great time there. We've never had an issue with him freaking out when I leave & he's apparently well behaved (funny how that's not the case at home). I ran more errands & when I came back to pick him up, I found that he painted a black sheep & made a kite with hand prints painted on it (& paint all over his shirt).

When we got home, he was wiped out & took a really long nap (yeah, except I didn't get one. Boo). I'm going to have to get a really big keepsake box to put all of his art projects in. Some of these are too good to toss!

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Jezer said...

I KNOW! I finally put a big rubbermaid bin in Alex's closet, so that I can put his artwork in there to sort and organize later--he's producing it at school faster than I can do anything with it! I just make sure the date is on the item before I toss it in. Some things, though, are plastered on the fridge and by my desk at work.