Friday, July 18, 2008

What kind of bug did you find?!
This morning we were getting ready to head out of the door to go to a baby shower for one of the moms in our playgroup & I stopped in my tracks just as I was about to grab the present. There was a HUGE bug on Logan's sippy cup. I'm not a fan of bugs (lucky me, raising two boys!) & this particular one grossed me out so much that I got goose bumps from it. One perk to having a boy that likes bugs is that he is eager to help remove them from the house. We were running out of time & were late for the shower, so we left the bug where it was & decided to take care of it after we got home.

We came home & couldn't find it.

This was not a small bug & not something that could just "disappear". It was all I could do to get Logan to nap after him repeating "Can't find it! Where!?". When we picked Bill up from work, I told Logan to tell Daddy what kind of bug we found in the house this morning so he could help him find it. Logan still has a little bit of trouble with pronunciation (like any two year old) & after hearing him say what kind of bug was in the house, we couldn't stop laughing & I just about drove off the road. "This is something I HAVE to get on video!", I giggled.

After dinner, I found the bug, Bill caught it & both he & Logan took it outside. Bill preferred that he be a good example to Logan by showing him that we can let bugs run free rather than squishing them with our shoes (this was after Bill killed a yellow jacket with his shoe & Logan proceeded to take the shoe & go after every bee he could find). The whole time the battery for the camera was charging.

Logan got to bed & Bill left to go play some disc golf while it was still light out. Logan wasn't going to bed & the battery was charged, so I got some quick video of him talking about what kind of bug we had in the house today. If you need a translation as to what's so funny about what he's saying, let me know & I'll get it in the comments.


Dawn B said...

He is so darn cute I just want to squish him!! LOL (sorry)
So it was a grasshopper???
Yeah.. I think despite the harmlessness of that I'd be pretty freaked out too. bugs.....ick.
That was such a cute clip.

Kristin said...

He's trying to say "grasshopper" but it's coming out "ass grabber".

It was so funny & our laughing only encouraged him - bad parents, I know!

And yeah, it was big & gross even though it was harmless. My sisters used to catch grasshoppers & put them on my pillows before bed. YUCK!

debra said...

LOL - He is SO cute.

I will never look at an 'assgrabber' again without thinking of him!

Reminds me of when my nephew was young and he used to try to pronounce the restaurant name "Fudruckers". Well, you can imagine how THAT came out. :)

erica said...

Oh that's way too cute!!

Liz said...


Katie said...

That is so funny!! He is so adorable!

Joanna said...

That is so funny, lol...Kids are so funny when trying to say somethings.