Friday, February 13, 2009

Bowling with buddies

It's been a long time since Logan has been bowling. I think it's actually been close to a year. I'm not sure why we haven't gone because it's always so much fun, but at least we went this morning!

Now that Logan is a little bit older, bowling is even more fun. He understands the concept that the ball knocking down the pins is a good thing and of course, this is so exciting to a boy. Logan was strong enough to pick up a 7 pound bowling ball and carry it up to the ramp and push it down the lane. He was thrilled when the pins dropped. "I did it mom! I did it! I won!", he would yell while jumping up and down. It was so cute!
Logan was great at taking turns and doing his thing with his friends while I stood back talking to my friends and holding Carter on my hip, who really got a kick out of watching everyone. He's beginning to become social and smiling at other kids (not that he doesn't smile at other people - it's just happening more often with less effort).
The only bummer of the morning was someone bringing cupcakes to share. Logan saw them and a few people eating them and wanted one, naturally. I explained to him that these cupcakes had egg in them and they would make him itchy, an explanation that I give him often and he understands (and repeats when he tries a new food, thinking that everything has egg in it). Usually he doesn't care and runs off to do something else. This time he was very upset that he couldn't have a cupcake, even though I told him we were going to the store afterward and that I would get him some candy. He pouted and sulked and refused to take his turn bowling. It was a bit sad, really, but he didn't stay this way for long (thankfully).

We had a great morning; I can always tell when Logan passes out on the way home. And he did.

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angie said...

Bowling is fun. Ava enjoys it too.
Cute pic of you and Carter.