Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lazy legs

The difference between Logan and Carter is showing more and more everyday. Logan was born independent and super active, as in, wouldn't stop moving, rolling, crawling, running, climbing, and getting into trouble. Carter is a lot more chill. He would rather be held and carried around & have everything done for him. Forget about him learning to grab a toy that is clearly within reach, as his servant, it's my duty to get it for him (little prince, indeed).

He is sneaky about his activity, making sure we don't know about his ability to roll over until I go in to get him in the morning to find him on his stomach. Because God forbid we find out and his cover as the dependent boy is blown. For him to be happy, he must always be touching me, whereas Logan didn't care as much.

After his check-up the other week, our pediatrician suggested that we get an exersaucer for Carter so that he can start using his torso muscles more and he is forced to put some weight on his legs, because right now when you try to stand him up, he tucks them up high refusing to use them. W never had to use one with Logan, so this was one of the only pieces of baby equipment that we were lacking. Bill found a great deal through a friend that he plays Disc Golf with who's kid hated it and they were ready to get rid of it. Score!

So, little lazy legs over here has been having a blast in his exersaucer. He loves all of the jungle toys, but mostly loves the red animals on the fabric print on the seat. He does use his legs every now and then, but still gets tired and just hangs in the seat for a bit. What's great is that he likes it enough that I can cook dinner and he'll be happily entertained.

It's been an overcast, busy day - but as soon as the lighting is good, you better believe I'll get a picture!


Dawn B said...

Wait, you were writing about your kids right?? Cause uhh..I thought for a second you were writing about James and Natalie. LMAO Our little "princess" over here has always been, and still is, alot like Carter. Love your post.

erica said...

Hehe reading this reminded me of Kira somewhat around the same age. She didn't want (couldn't be bothered) doing that stuff either; why the hell would she when I was her personal assistant? LOL

Just out of curiosity though, could he be not wanting to stand or bear weight on his feet because of that disease he has? Maybe his feet tingle or are numb, or maybe even hurt a little bit? (I have zero faith in doctors but did yours have any thoughts on anything like that?)