Monday, February 09, 2009

Damn you, cupcakes!!

After working out another month, it was time to take my measurements again at the end of last week. I had been feeling pretty good about them; my arms felt more firm, on good days - my abs did too. I also noticed that my butt had started to lift and regain somewhat of it's pre-pregnancy shape. Bill had continued to crack the whip and not letting my whiny excuses weasel my out of my workouts, where I had been doing super set circuits, a very intense type of training. So, I thought there would be some decent results.

But, I forgot about Logan's birthday party with his friends and the 100 cupcakes with butter cream frosting I baked. In which I ate a hefty amount - I would say 2 dozen in the span of 4 weeks. According to my very scientific calculations, eating sticks of butter covered in sugar isn't on the "Six Pack Abs" diet plan and won't get anyone close to their goal. You know, it takes a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

So here's what 2 dozen cupcakes will do to your waistline:

Weight = 138 lbs (up from 136)
Body Fat Percentage = 27% (up from 26.5%)

Neck = 12.75 (up from 12.25)
Chest 34.5
Arm = 10.75 (up from 10.5)
Waist = 32 (up from 31)
Hip = 40.5 (up from 40)
Leg = 20.5
Calf = 13.5

Yeah, not so good. At least I was working out otherwise it could have been a whole lot worse. So, I have one more week of super sets - Very strict nutrition and then I move on to some heavy lifting and start training for a 5k. I think that will get me back in no time. But, I'm never making that many cupcakes ever again!

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Joanna said...

I know about those 2 dozen cupcakes and what they will do. I have been there, done that. Your right, if you weren't working out it probably would have been worse! I need to get busy again..After the oral surgery I have taken a week and a half off and tonight I restart my workouts. I thought after about 5 days of a mostly liquid diet that I would have lost something regardless of me not working out, but um no...It makes me mad to know that. Zack is helping with making sure that I stick to my workouts. (good thing too) I hope to lose about 25 pounds or so by July...I think I can do it. I just wished that I had your know how. Can you point me in the direction of web sites to give me the knowledge!? I'd be ever so thankful. : )