Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Decisions, decisions

A few months ago our desktop took a dirt nap and we've been using our laptop as the primary computer. At first, it was kind of a pain in the butt to share. We had been spoiled with two computers and when I needed to work, I would hang out in the computer room (office, I suppose) and Bill would do his thing in the living room on the laptop. Over the months of being with one computer, we've developed a natural sharing rhythm, much like the synchronized flip we do while sleeping. It's not that big of a deal anymore. Until Bill told me about his upcoming business trip.

The possibility of a business trip has been looming for quite some time. For a while, he thought he would have to travel to Europe; London, Turkey, Spain, just to name a few places (which totally freaked me out and made me jealous at the same time). For now, he's just going to the east coast, but he has to take the laptop with him. Which means, I would be without a computer for days. Yeah, that is NOT an option. I would insane without a computer and being alone with the kids for days. So, Bill started looking at building a new CPU for the desktop.

While he was looking for parts, we started talking about the budget and what we could afford. Since getting our tax return back, we have a nice cushion and we don't want to whittle that down too much. Then the conversation turned to the major purchases we need (or want) to make in the next few weeks/months; the computer, furniture for the front room and our family vacation. The reality hit me that we probably won't be able to go to Portland for our summer vacation this year. It's come to the decision of paying off our debt with our tax return or use that money for the vacation. Sometimes, being a responsible adult sucks.

So, Bill has ordered our computer and we will be looking at furniture this weekend in hopes to have our front room furnished before I host photographer friend's baby shower next week. We will still be able to take a family vacation this summer, it will just have to be in Colorado and we will still be able to do something special for our 10 year anniversary. I'm just really bummed that we won't be able to make it to Portland. I'm not surprised though. This kind of stuff always happens. To add salt to the wound, one of my sisters is graduating summa cum laude the weekend that we were going to be there. Now we're going to miss that too.

Ugh. Maybe next year.


Eriness said...

What about getting those tiny $250 laptops? It is a good price. Or driving to Portland and staying with your sister?

Kristin said...

Bill's building our desk top for less than that. I think he said about $200, $150? Something like that. Driving to Portland isn't really an option since we have one car & if anything happened, we would be totally screwed.

We figured that we could still go on vacation here for 1/3 of what we were expecting to pay for Portland. Which in turn would make it easier to get all of the things we need while still paying off our debt.

It just sucks either way, but I'm trying to see the glass-half-full in the way that we can at least go on a vacation & we have money to buy these things & get rid of our debt. Most people can't do that right now.

Joanna said...

We paid off some of our debt, couldn't afford to use the tax return on it all. We are still going to Indiana for vacation but we won't have one cent left! Sucks really, I wanted a little bit of money left and we could have paid off more debt, but hubby over ruled me on this. But we are saving money by driving up and staying with family when we get there. (i hope all of that isn't a big mistake!)