Thursday, February 26, 2009

From scratch

I've been slowly getting my cooking mojo back again and have been making our family dinners for a few weeks. I've had to make a lot of things from scratch all the way down to the spice mixes to cut out garlic. With a little bit of tinkering, I've been pretty impressed with some of the meals (Bill, not so much).

I've made chili using our own chili seasoning mix, tomato/meat sauce for pasta - making lasagna with that yesterday (garlic and egg-free, and I liked it, Bill did not), chicken noodle soup (although I did not make my own broth - yet). Next on the list is cream of chicken soup so I can use that to make chicken and dumpling stew.

While cooking from scratch sounds like a lot of work, it's actually a lot of fun. I wish there were more flavor combinations that I could work with, but that will take some time (like finding a replacement for garlic other than onion). The bad thing is that I keep finding a ton of different dessert recipes that I'm dying to try (grilled pineapple milkshakes!). I think this summer I might get back into food competitions again. I'm not holding my breath that I'll win anything, but it's still fun.


Kelly said...

I love cooking, especially from scratch! Have you ever competed before? I would be too nervous to do so, but it seems like it would be a blast!

Kristin said...

A couple of summers ago I entered recipe competitions, but never won. It's pretty competitive & I needed a lot of practice. I'd like to get back to it, especially now that I really have to pay attention to flavor combinations. And the tasting parties are the best part, even if I don't win squat! :)

SwizzlestickMama said...

I love cooking from scratch--everything really does taste that much better!