Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feeling overwhelmed.
Today has just been a crazy, busy day. Everything that I've been trying to get taken care of has been complicated by a screaming for attention toddler. This is a day where I wish I could split myself into two.

This morning Logan & I went over to a friends house for a meeting. She's the MVP for The Club from the last term. I'm taking her place, so we needed to go over a few things. I have a million documents & other new stuff from this position, all of which I needed to update for this term. While we were there, Logan decided to have The Biggest Temper Tantrum Ever. He ended up screaming so hard (because I gave him his sippy cup) that he started gagging & choking. It wasn't pleasant.

Then we came home so he could take a much needed nap. While he napped, I worked on updating documents & sent out a million emails. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the gym to workout with my friend (which had already been pushed back for an hour later than usual).

We had a great workout, where I realized I'm not eating enough because I almost passed out after doing some lunges. Not only am I not getting enough calories in general (I'm about 200 short), I'm not getting enough protein because I've been slacking on making eggs in the morning. This is due to me being lazy because I'm (still) waiting for our new dishwasher to be installed & I'm trying my best to not wash dishes by hand. Yeah, I'm an idiot & I'm getting protein powder tomorrow.

While at the gym, Logan had his cranky pants on. He was able to hang for the entire workout, but he was not a happy camper when I picked him up. He refused to take a nap when we got home & has been getting into EVERYTHING. My patience is running thin right now.

Because he wouldn't take a nap & I still had work to do; I would play or read a book, then return an email. Play some more, then work for a second. I was back & forth, back & forth all evening. I'm in the process of working with one of my lovely cyber-clients, who offered to help me restructure my documents. This is awesome. Her examples look great & it will make everything easier for exercisers to understand. I've been considering a price increase for the program & I think this restructuring will justify it even more.

Oh. And my house is a mess. I totally need to take an entire day & scrub it from top to bottom. It has a general feeling of chaos, disorganization & mayhem. Obviously, this is not helping my current state of mind.

Days like today are just the typical work-at-home mom stuff. It's hard to find time to do everything & be everywhere all at once. I'm glad the day's almost over & tomorrow should be better.


Erin said...

Sounds like my evenings/weekends...there just aren't enough hours in the day for everything, esp. when we have kids around this age!

The Bents said...

I feel ya... what you've spoken about is exactly what's been bothering me like crazy lately. And on top of that we've got little 7 week old Natalie. There are times where I go to make a bottle or get juice for James and I scrub what I can in, literally, a matter of like 15 seconds. LOL Like you said, tomorrow will probably be easier and Logan will probably be in a better mood so you can get some stuff done. It is so crazy how each day can be so different from the other.

Liz said...

I know this.

We've driven 250 miles in two days.


May our tomorrows always be easier than our todays...

Wendy said...

I always think about tomorrow when I have days like these! I feel you about the house! I am going to do a bug scrub down before Lani's party this weekend! It really needs it and this is the perfect excuse:)