Saturday, June 02, 2007

The flip-flops killed it
This morning Bill suggested we go check out some yard sales around town. We unknowingly went on the biggest yard sale day of the year over here.

We got ready earlier than usual when we woke up. I made my smoothie & filled Logan's sippy cup up (& he really liked it, drinking it to the last drop), then we were off. The first sale wasn't great, but we found a super cute sweater for Logan this winter. For $1. I seriously would've paid $15 for full price & between $5-8 at the second hand boutique. This was a steal. We drove around checking out other neighborhood sales, picking up a few more shirts for Logan & a hand full of books for Bill.

And then we found the biggest yard sale in town. It was an entire neighborhood that participated together. Everyone was out on their driveway, many of them offering food & beverages. It was a blast walking around & checking out the goods, all the while eating breakfast burritos, cookies & drinking lemonade. I didn't intend to walk an entire neighborhood when I got ready this morning & I definitely wore the wrong shoes. By the end of the afternoon (4 hours later), I was walking around barefoot because my flip-flops were blistering my toes. Not fun.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were donating their proceeds to charity. One family was raising money to help rebuild someones home that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Another family was raising money to increase the awareness of melanoma. There were many families doing this, which was pretty cool.

We had such a fun time together & Logan was very cooperative, considering he skipped his morning nap. I was very happy with the stuff I found (mostly shirts for Logan, some that were never worn, for $1) & Bill is excited about his books. He even suggested we do this again next weekend. Next time, I'm wearing my workout clothes & leaving the flip-flops at home.

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