Monday, June 11, 2007

It's a bird! It's a plane!
No, it's pictures of Logan! Finally! His 15 month pictures haven't been posted because I don't have access to them yet. They're the studio pictures & I haven't asked my friend about the copyright & posting them online for the world to see. But! I was able to get some snap shots of him yesterday afternoon.

I was hoping to get some good pictures of him on Saturday while we were at the family day picnic with The Club. We ate some great food (I made a chicken pesto pasta that was one of the most flavorful dishes on the table) & rode on the kids train. Logan was cranky because he was in the midst of some serious teething. He didn't really enjoy the train ride because his fist was half way in his mouth. He was so upset that we had to leave the picnic early. So, no picture opportunities.

Sunday was super warm. After Logan woke up from another marathon nap (which he's been doing a lot of & I'm thinking he's in a growth spurt), I stripped off his diaper & let him run "free" in the backyard. I filled his kiddie pool up & brought out some toys. He had a great time. We spent most of the afternoon out there. After our fun in the sun, he ended up going to bed early due to teething again. We broke down & gave him some Tylenol (I don't like to give him medication unless nothing else is giving him relief) & that knocked him out. I hope for his sake (& mine) that his teeth pop up soon.
Frankly, I'm surprised I actually got pictures of Logan. It's been such a task. He won't look at the camera (as you can tell), he runs around & won't stay still (& I get a million blurry pics) & really, it's just getting next to impossible. I'll keep trying & keep my fingers crossed for some uber cute shots.


erica said...

Wow he has changed SO much - he looks SO grown up but still as gorgeous as ever of course!!

Does your camera have an "action" setting or a "sports" setting? I use that when I'm taking photos of Kira; it's meant to be used when your subject won't stand still. Less blur, and you end up with some fabulous shots! :)

The Bents said...

He's gotten so big!!! And he's so handsome!!! Oh and the idea of letting him go naked is brilliant! I need to do that with James..and eventually with Natalie. Wearing a diaper all day long must be annoying. LOL