Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I need a bio-hazard suit
Last night was quite eventful. Logan & I hung out around the house after the cheesecake party. It was terribly hot again & I was incredibly grumpy. I felt like the wicked witch, muttering about how much I hate our house. Logan was whiny too, which didn't help.

I made him dinner & he threw most of it all over the floor. I had had it up to my eyeballs with the food throwing, so I told him that if he wasn't going to eat, then fine. He would go to bed without dinner. I gave him a bath & he went to sleep without resistance.

Bill came home an hour & a half later. Right about then, Logan was waking up, crying off & on for an hour. We thought he might have been too hot, so we took a fan from the kitchen & brought it up to his room, where he now had two. That didn't work. He still kept whining. Bill & I had a "discussion" about whether he was hungry or not. Frustrated, I told Bill that he could do whatever he wanted, he just had to brush Logan's teeth again before putting him back to bed.

Bill got Logan out of bed & made him a sippy cup of milk. It was 10:30pm & way past Logan's bed time. He sat on Bill's lap only taking a couple of sips of milk & mostly cuddling. A few minutes later, he jumped off Bill's lap & climbed up onto mine. Then, he turned green & puked all over me, the couch & the carpet. I jumped up & got him on the tile where he could continue to be sick. After a few more minutes, I got him upstairs & into the bath while Bill cleaned up the living room.

After getting Logan cleaned up, I wrapped him up in a towel & we cuddled in the bathroom (just in case he got sick again). You know when your toddler isn't feeling well by the quality of the cuddle. He was listless, snuggly & pale with heavy purple eyelids. The boy was downright ill.

We gave him a sip of pedialyte being worried about dehydration with the heat. He took a couple of sips & we cuddled some more to make sure it stayed down. After a few minutes, I got him back into bed, tucked him in & went back in the living room to help Bill clean up. Not more than a minute later, I was back upstairs cleaning Logan up, changing his sheets & freaking out because he was choking on his vomit. I had to turn him over onto his side. Twice.

It was getting close to midnight & Logan was still actively sick. I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to hear him over baby monitor with the constant hum of the many fans in the two bedrooms. Bill made a bed for me on Logan's floor & I had a sleepover in his room. It freaked me out that he had choked & I wanted to make sure I was right there if it happened again. Which it did.

This morning he woke up at the crack of dawn & feeling a little bit better. He doesn't have an appetite, but he is drinking quite a bit. He's also been sleeping for most of the day. I had to leave him home with Bill while I went to the gym to train & then I had a board meeting right after. Logan slept most of the 4 hours I was gone. I came home & he was still tired & has been sleeping for another 2 hours.

I hope that this is just some funky 24 hour virus & it doesn't last all week like the Christmas Flu we all experienced. I do not want us to be continually sick in the summer heat. YUCK.


stefanierj said...

If it's any consolation, D got almost the exact same thing when we moved to SLC last summer (no AC in this ancient house either). I think he actually puked down my back, which is just as awesome as it sounds.

The good news is that it was a 24 hourish thing--by the time I actually started to miss his active little self, it came back full bore and he was running me all over creation. Hang in there and take care of yourselves.

debra said...

Wishing Logan a speedy recovery!

erica said...

Aww poor little guy!!

Hoping he feels better soon!!! :D

The Bents said...

awwww!! My heart goes out to you guys!! I swear, sick kids make me wanna cry. Somebody gave me the best advice once- that when they're sick they feel better about it than we do. ..because they haven't learned how to complain about being sick like we do! LOL

Wendy said...

oh, poor Logan! I hope that he is feeling better by now! Sickies are no fun when it is so darn hot!!! Wesley had the same bug a few nights ago and it didn't last long, incase that helps:)

Jezer said...

Oh you poor souls!!! I hope he gets better soon!

BTW, I can totally relate to the food throwing and the "discussions" over whether the boy had enough dinner. It gets better, I promise. Almost overnight, in fact.

Here's hoping that whatever this is limits itself to a 12-24 hour period.

Liz said...


i hope your young lad is on the mend STAT.

there are some NARSTY viruses floating around out there. and with the weather being what it is (at least here), it's just a breeding ground for blech.

hope by now he's right as rain?