Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well, what do you know
An uber cute picture!

This afternoon Aunt Ju-Ju, Uncle J & Baby B came over for the kids picture time for Grandpa L's fathers day present. There were a few cute pictures. This is the one I liked the most, but cropped it so Baby B wasn't on the blog. I don't have permission to post his picture & Aunt Ju-Ju doesn't know about the blog (or so I think) & I'm not about to divulge that info.

I did, however, talk to my workout partner/photographer friend about the copyrights on her pictures & if I could post Logan's 15 month portraits. She's going to send me some digital pics with her logo, so hopefully I can get those up soon!


Anonymous said...

That IS a very cute picture! I can't wait to see what your friend took!

Wendy said...

AWW!! He looks so adorable in that picture! LOVE IT!

girl from florida said...

For some reason, I used to think Logan was so much older than Amelia, even though it's only a couple months. Maybe because I remember his newborn time so vividly because I was twiddling my thumbs waiting to go into labor. Anyway, looking at this picture, I realize that he & Amelia are almost the same now (developmentally)! Well, not really, but now the 2 months don't matter as much. So I guess they're ready to date now, right? :) He is gorgeous, what a little cutie! Like his momma!