Friday, June 29, 2007

I spoke too soon
I think I jinxed myself last night after I posted about how Logan was feeling better. No sooner than when I hit the "publish post" button, Logan threw up again. It was only once, but it was back in the bathtub for him while Bill cleaned up his crib & changed his sheets. Needless to say, we did not go to the picnic this morning & I did not get any cute pictures of Logan running around in the sand with his swim trunks on (there's a water feature at this particular park).

It's kind of weird that after three or four days of being able to keep food down (what little of it he ate), out of the blue he pukes again. If I remember correctly, this happened when he had The Christmas Flu too. I'm wondering if this is just his "sick pattern", good for a few days & then SURPRISE! Wonderful.

It's also been deceiving because other than the lack of appetite (which starts out pretty good in the morning & tapers off at dinner where he eats almost nothing) he runs around the living room, jumps up & down off from the couch, screams at me, turns the TV off & on, changes the channels, throws his toys, reads books, laughs when I tickle him & play "teddy bear puppet"; all of the things he would normally do.

Not only is it deceiving, but taking care of a little sicky who can't tell you what's wrong is frustrating. I've really been working hard on teaching Logan more signs, but he won't have it. He was happy to repeat the sign for "bath" but glared at me when I tried to teach him "sleep" so he could tell me when he's tired. And forget about "drink" & "pain". Those just cause him to melt down & scream in his frustrated-I'm not going to do what you tell me to-shriek.

Right now, the universal sign for everything is between "eat" & "more". He gets excited when he signs "eat" & I ask him if he wants to eat (insert meal here). But then I give him some food & he pushes it away or immediately starts throwing it on the floor if I turn my back. This is what happened at dinner tonight: He signed "eat", I asked him if he wanted dinner, he smiled & made his "I'm happy you understand what I'm saying" grunt, I gave him dinner, he pushed it away, I took him out of his highchair & we went back into the playroom. Repeat three times & then I was ready to bash my head against the wall. He ended up getting a bath & going to bed without dinner.

Between the miscommunication, the blatant disobedience with not shaking the glass fireplace doors today (which has been an on going battle for MONTHS) & being inside all day doing practically nothing, I'm ready for a drink. I feel like a totally crappy mom right now & have been feeling like this all week.


Jezer said...

You're doing awesome, really. Does it make you feel any better that I can relate to every single one of your woes? All the way down to the rattling of the fireplace doors?

If I remember correctly, Alex had a virus that presented exactly the way you describe Logan's...he was sick, then he wasn't, then he was again. And it took a long time for his appetite to be back to normal. It was a frustrating time.

I'm happy to say that we're in a better place right now with the food-throwing and the tantrums (oh, they're still strong, but not as frequent) and the communication issues. So, I can tell you with confidence that if you can hold on for a few more weeks, it will all get better.

I think they enjoy rattling the fireplace doors until they go to college, though.

Jake Silver said...

Kids only seem to start feeling sick at night. Tate always falls asleep at about 8pm, maybe a little earlier sometimes... but if he wakes up again I usually think something scared him, he's thirsty or he doesn't feel well.I have to admit that, as long as I can figure out what's wrong and get him back to sleep in less than 30 minutes, it's kind of sweet to have him awake for one last "bonus round" for the day.

Dawn B said...

OHmygosh you are a great mom!! You have to always remind yourself your are, because this whole toddler business is TOUGH work!!! Everyone talks about the "terrible 2's" but at least a 2 year old can tell you more of what they want or how they feel (even if answer will be "NO" alot..LOL). Our little guys don't know how to communicate just yet, but they will!!! And this is coming from me- someone who's son is screaming right now because he's tired. And I had to keep him from flipping over his sister's bouncy seat..AGAIN. LOL Good luck!!! It'll get better. Soon you'll be able to laugh at these days.