Sunday, June 17, 2007

The special things
Bill is a wonderful Dad because of the special things he does for Logan. Dads always seem to have a completely different relationship with their kids, having fun, getting into trouble, being silly & doing all of the things that Moms don't or won't do.

We both enjoy our cuddly morning cartoon time with Logan, but Bill seems to beam with love, feeling extra special & privileged that Logan wants to sit on his lap to snuggle. On busy mornings where I have to get ready for the day, Bill will take over & make Logan's breakfast. He always makes sure to sprinkle his oatmeal with cinnamon to make it especially yummy, when I often forget. The two of them will hang out in the front yard watering plants (with Logan getting drenched), pointing at bugs & taking walks up & down the street while they wait for me to grab the diaper bag before we go out & about around town.

He remembers how much Logan loves to have his window down while riding in the car. They wrestle on the floor to play & he teaches Logan funny things like how to "roll" Dad across the room. They chase each other in the living room while I'm busy with work or laundry. I've often come home from an appointment to hear about the crazy things they did, like running through coupons littered across the floor. He lets Logan have mac & cheese for lunch, when I'd rather him have something more nutritious. The times that Bill is home early enough to give Logan a bath, he lets him splash & make huge messes in the bathroom. He is notorious for letting Logan bring his socks in the bath.

He is Logan's preferred book reader when all of us are home. He tries to teach Logan words like "poop" & gets a laugh out of it. Logan doesn't fuss or cry at all when Dad brushes his teeth. Bill will carry Logan on his shoulders, knowing how much fun his little boy has when they have to duck through doorways when we're shopping.

Logan loves his Dad so much, he already wants to be just like him. He follows him wherever he goes. If Bill is hammering nails to fix the backyard fence, Logan is right there hammering the fence with his little yellow plastic shovel. He knows that his dancing makes Dad laugh & smile, so he often busts a move at random times to get his attention. Logan even tries to speak like Bill, often yelling out "Ya-Ya" calling for him, or yelling with a specific tone. We laugh about this because he's trying to deepen his voice, but only knows how to control his volume.

Watching their special Father-Son relationship continue to grow is amazing. The love Logan has for his Dad is evident by the look on his face when he comes home from work. He gets so excited, yelling "Ya-Ya" & running over to him with his arms out waiting to be picked up for a welcome home hug. He's also quick to wave "bye-bye" to his Dad with both hands when it's time for him to leave for the day.

Happy Father's Day Bill! Thanks for being such a great Dad to you're little clone.


Wendy said...

Such a sweet post! You are a wonderful writer! I love how you are able to express your thoughts so well.

Arn't we so lucky to have such wonderful Dads for our kiddos?

Liz said...


Happy Father's Day, Bill.