Sunday, June 24, 2007

More training!
I'm starting to live at the gym again. Not that I mind, either. My workout partner, C & I just added another day to our weekly routine. Then, last week I got an email from another mom about working out with me.

M is from the Other Side. Right before I joined this chapter, they were so big that they split & sistered. Slowly, all parts of the club are becoming separate to the specific chapter. M is from the East Side & we've never met before, but the two chapters still share the same message board & a while back, I posted about how I was getting back into personal training again. And that's where she found out about my training program.

Bill's work schedule changed & he's now going in later in the morning or afternoon. This is great, because I don't have to drag Logan around everywhere with me. So, on Sundays I train both moms (one in the morning, the other later in the afternoon) & walk with the walking group (letting Logan run around at the park for a while afterward). I'm working out myself for a total of 5 or so hours on this day. The rest of the week is spread out a little more, with Bill taking over in the morning making breakfast & having a lot of play time with Logan.

It's kind of crazy with scheduling, but we're making it work. We're just lucky that Bill's schedule is so flexible. It's great to get a weekly paycheck & a little more time in the gym too.

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