Friday, June 08, 2007

Random bullets can be fun
There's a mish-mash of stuff going on & it's so completely random.
  • Yesterday morning was our workout time rather than in the afternoon (because we had stuff going on). There were a lot of trainers working their clients out & keeping an eye on me & my workout buddy. One of the trainers has a mowhawk & tattoo on his entire leg. We were commenting to each other about how we liked the tattoo. I mentioned this to Bill, saying that it looked brand new. Apparently, it looks new because it's on plastic. The dude has an artificial leg. I thought this was brilliant, because he will never be stuck with the same tattoo & will never have to consider laser removal or worry about fading.
  • I'm getting dish pan hands because our dishwasher broke. I've been washing dishes by hand for the last few days. I hate it. Our landlord decided to buy a brand new dishwasher rather than trying to fix the old one. It's going to be installed in the middle of next week. I can't wait. The only fun thing about it was washing them last night with Bill. I washed, he helped dry & put them away. It's corny, but we had nice quality time together.
  • I've been consistently getting honked & whistled at while on my walks with Logan. I feel conflicted about this. One one hand I think, Seriously? Wow. I guess the workouts are working out. Then on the other hand I think, Seriously? I'm pushing a stroller, you creep!
  • This weekend we're going to a potluck family day picnic at the park with The Club. I'm supposed to bring a main dish. I have no idea what to make, considering it will have to be something that doesn't need to keep warm. I also realized after this "assignment" how much I really, really like making desserts.
  • I'm considering asking my photographer friend to take head shots & other pictures for me for The Other Blog. It might be nice to have a face to a name (& a body shot for proof that the program works), but then again, I don't know. I kind of like the semi-anonymity.
  • We've decided to try the milk delivery for a little while. Everyone we talk to just raves about it.
  • Bill's mom told him that all his dad wants for Father's Day is a picture of Logan & Baby B together (insert eye rolling). Bill called his sister to see when we could all get together to get it done. Last time this was requested for Grandma L's birthday, I was told to stay home. This time we're sticking together. So if Grandpa L wants a picture of the kids, it's up to Aunt Ju-Ju to grow up, be an adult & stop this "cutting off" crap. We'll see if it actually happens.

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