Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Motherhood 101: How to get your toddler to eat brussels sprouts

This may be a solution to any food aversion, not just brussels sprouts.
  • First, make your self a huge bowl.
  • Next, sit on the couch (it's important that you're not at the dinner table).
  • Take a bite.
  • Then, wait. It will take less than 2 seconds for your picky eater to decided that brussels sprouts are the best vegetable in the world. Because Mom is eating it & the kiddo doesn't have a bowl of their own, they will demand you share.
As you sit there sharing your nutritious bowl of brussels sprouts you'll have to snicker, because this is the vegetable that the minute your toddler tasted it, it would end up on the floor & automatically given to the dog. Now, they're acting like it's better than their favorite food, often screaming with impatience because you're not sharing fast enough. I guess the only downfall is if you don't like brussels sprouts, you'll be forced to eat them too.

It's a good thing I like them.


Jezer said...

Hee-hee! No kidding, man. Except I have a strict rule about only eating at the table. BUT, we have done the ol' "eat it or don't, I don't care," routine and that TOTALLY works, too. The Mr. has a hard time about letting the boy not eat, so he actually has to say out loud, "I don't care if you don't eat it," more to convince himself, I think. Cracks me up. Of course, I have to call and report to him about the heeeyoooge lunch and snacks that the kid puts away during the day so he'll feel better about letting him eat only two bites of breakfast.

If the going gets too terribly tough, though, I will totally be down with the brussel sprouts on the couch trick. :)

Ashley said...

Brussel Sprouts? They totally make me gag.

The Bents said...

BRILLIANT!!! I am so trying this tomorrow!!! It won't be with brussel sprouts though, probably something else of the green variety though. The only vegetable this kid will touch are tomatoes.. aren't they like considered fruit or something? LOL

erica said...

The couch trick is one we've been using for awhile now - it's great, isn't it?? :D Although Kira loves brussel sprouts and doesn't need any persuading LOL.

stefanierj said...

Good for you for figuring this out. I realized its important oh, about two develpomental stages too late. As in, during the developmental stage where the child can say "I don't want any of your vegga-bulls, mama, only your noodles/bread/meat."

*sigh* at least he still likes broccoli.

Wendy said...

We have been doing this with Lani for a while! She is so anti food in her high chair but loves anything we are eating as long as she is in our laps! I know it is not a good habit to get her into, but I want her to eat!!

Jake Silver said...

Oh this one is so true. My son loves to sit right next to me and pick out the broccoli and carrots when I make a big bowl of those frozen veggies with chicken or fish. We very often eat the exact same meals at restaurants. Kids eat what the parents eat.