Friday, November 30, 2007

Impatience at it's best
Both Bill & I are people who have a hard time being patient with the good things in life. It's just so hard to wait. Christmas & birthday presents? Always given early. Good news? It can't wait until after work, there's always a voicemail, text message or email to break the story. Engagement & marriage? 3 months of dating was all it took. I guess we just get really excited about these kinds of things & I suppose planning for baby #2 is the same way. So, I shouldn't be surprised that when we talked about waiting until January, we've pretty much already started.

I was thinking about how if things go as easily as they did with Logan, we could possibly have a summer baby on our hands. Since last month's cycle was so off, who knows what will happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had an announcement to make at Christmas. In light of this, I kind of got the "oh crap" feeling since I'm not feeling physically prepared yet. I drink enormous amounts of coffee everyday, a glass or two of wine at night a few times a week, skipping breakfast, not drinking enough water & not taking a prenatal vitamin. Yeah, it doesn't sound like I'm taking very good care of myself & there's nothing like preparing for pregnancy to motivate that change.

I had my last glass of wine last night (I will have a drink out with friends & at Bill's company Christmas party, though!) & my last sip of coffee this morning (my full mug is still staring me down while I sit at the computer). Logan & I also went out to run some errands this morning & picked up a bottle of vitamins, too. Not that I did any of these things in preparation for Logan & he turned out fine (I was taking creatine, caffeine & pyruvate among other things for crying out loud!) but you know, mother's guilt. I didn't have it then & there's no getting rid of it now.

I laughed when talking to Bill about this the other night. "Didn't we say that we were going to wait?" He just shrugged his shoulders. "What difference is a month going to make?" Good point. In all of this, Bill seems to have baby fever more than I do. This is not a bad thing at all & it's actually really sweet. He's gone from "we have along time to think about this" to "why wait?" ever since I was definitely not pregnant this month & I'm sure it all has to do with doing exceptionally well at work & the thought growing on him for that week of the unknown.

So, I guess we're not really waiting after all.


Liz said...

First: !!!

Second: !!!

Third: I'm 11 weeks pregnant and still enjoying a half cup of coffee every morning. I'm just not willing to give it up. Nor is Henry. I was definitely far more cautious with my previous pregnancy--and I'm definitely throwing more caution to the wind this time around.

Finally: !!! I hope that things move forward at that pace you both wish. And remember, sometimes it takes a try or two. Have fun!

Kayce said...

Yay! Congratulations! I hope things happen easily for you guys.

girl from florida said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! I've been anxiously anticipating January to read along with you during your journey :) I also drank coffee, but waiting until my 2nd trimester, but that's one of those things that's TOTALLY up to you.

Dan, Erin & Hailey! said...

How exciting!! I hope it happens easily for you, and I'll be anxiously awaiting your good news!!