Saturday, November 03, 2007

Special Moments
There are many special moments that I have the pleasure of sharing with Logan from day to day, but one of my favorite moments that will forever remain a memory etched in my mommy brain happens every night.

Everyone in our house has a different bedtime. Logan goes to sleep at about 8pm, Bill follows shortly after at around 10pm (if he even makes it that long) & I'm the last one, the night owl, finally crawling into bed somewhere between 12-2am. Before I go to bed, I make sure the doors are locked & tidy up the house just a bit (nothing that resembles cleaning). My last stop is checking in on Logan & tucking him back in.

Logan is a restless sleeper. He tosses & turns, doing baby gymnastics in his sleep. When I first put him down his head is at one end of the bed, then the hours later when I check on him he's completely turned around. The blankets are all askew & he's usually curled up in a little ball trying to keep himself warm. I go in & begin to straighten out the blankets. I make sure he has his two "special blankets" (the pink & blue striped receiving blankets that he came home from the hospital in) & then cover him with the big fleece blanket.

Just the act itself feels so special to me - making him comfortable & warm, ensuring a good night's sleep for my Little Man. He looks so sweet when he sleeps. So peaceful. Sometimes I'm given a heart warming smile while he's still in dreamland after he's been tucked back in. Sometimes it's even more special than that. Sometimes he wakes up just a little but still half asleep, conscious enough to smile & wave "night night" to me as I slowly close his bedroom door.

This is by far my favorite moment & my favorite part of the day.

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