Saturday, February 11, 2006

Logan has changed overnight.
He used to eat, get a diaper change & go back to sleep. This was the routine all day long. It was a nice routine. I could get things done, take long hot showers & get some good naps in (when I really felt like sleeping). Well, as of last night, he has decided that he's not that interested in sleep as much as he used to be. We went to bed around 11 ish, but Logan had a different plan. He (& I) didn't get to bed until after 2 am. The minute I put him down he would start to fuss. I would pick him back up, rock him to sleep & put him down again. Multiple times he would wake up just as I was getting to sleep. It was very frustrating. He also wet through 3 different outfits in an hour & a half. Being super cold in the house & half way naked that early in the morning sure didn't help him either.

This morning when he woke up, he has now decided that not only is he not going to sleep as much, but I have to hold him all of the time. He won't go into his crib to try & sleep. He won't chill out in the swing unless he feels like it. Mostly, he wants me to hold & carry him everywhere. I was making breakfast earlier today when I found out about his sudden change. I had to hold him while I ate my waffles. Talk about tricky. I would look down at him & see that he was asleep & try to put him down, but the minute I got up he would wake up again. I hope this means that he's going to sleep longer at night.

It's amazing that things can change so fast. Just as we were getting used to a routine, I have to problem solve & develop a new one. I had figured out the breast feeding situation, now I have to figure out the sleeping & napping situation. The tools that I have, like the swing & the binky aren't as reliable as they used to be either. I have to come up with new tools & coping techniques. Being a mom is a job that requires real skills. I feel like if I can do this, I can do anything.

The timing of his change is a little funny too. This is the first day that Bill had to go back to work. He is the glue that holds that gym together. Things were starting to fall apart while he was on his "vacation" (which it really was for him). Because he was going back to work, I didn't want to wake him up to help me last night. I also don't have a helping hand to cut up my waffles as I hold Logan or watch him while I brush my teeth & take a shower. This is the first day of the real thing. The stay at home mom routine. I think my left arm is going to get stronger than my right from holding Logan all of the time & I'm becoming more efficient at doing things one handed, until we get our Baby Bjorn. Then I'll be able to strap him on & do some stuff around the house. What a little monkey he is.

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Reesh said...

Yes we love our sling ( It allows us to eat with both hands, do the dishes and the laundry etc... As for the sleep thing, Lily likes to change her "routine" often and I can't see her leaving our bed for quite some time, but at least it lets us get some sleep and keeps her happy. I can't imagine what life will be like when Devinder has to go back to work. We are such an efficient team as I am sure you and your husband are. Good luck with everything, hopefully you'll feel better about things after a few more days on your own.