Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My baby boy is growing up so fast....ALREADY!
I swear, every time I wake him up, he looks older & bigger. It's freaky. It makes me very happy that I'm staying home with him, otherwise if I were to drop him off at daycare, I would feel like I was picking up what seemed like a different child everyday.

He is starting to smile & make all sorts of faces. There is the grumpy man face, the wide eyed surprised face & my favorite, the scrunched up-don't put that binky in my mouth face, which is the same as the I'm going to bite you really hard when I'm eating face. I didn't think that was supposed to happen until he was six weeks old. He's six days. He smiles at me all the time, especially after eating. I tested it out to make sure it wasn't a fluke (or gas) & it's not. He & Bill were sticking their tongues out at each other last night too. It was pretty cute.

Logan is a typical boy. Messy is the only word to describe him. That & he eats all of the time in mass quantities. The nurse who came by to do a check up on him yesterday weighed him on the scale. He's gained 6 oz. in 3 days. She confirmed that I had enough milk for triplets & that he was eating well. My Aunt Meg & cousins had sent a "baby shower in a box" with all sorts of great gifts. One of them was a pack of cloth diapers. I was thrilled because they are the perfect size to catch his spit up, leaky breast milk & the now often "trifecta of chaos"-stream of pee accompanied with spit up everywhere while trying to catch a new batch of poop after I've already taken off the dirty diaper. He also can't seem to keep his hands off of his little johnson as well. Typical boy.

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Reesh said...

I feel the same when when I look at Lily. I can't believe how fast she is growing everyday. I imagine her when she's crawling and walking and going to school and it already breaks my heart!