Thursday, June 05, 2008

24 weeks pregnant
This morning I had my glucose test done. Talk about gross. It was a better experience than the first time though, where I was almost in tears trying to choke it down since I was still pretty sick. I dropped Logan off at daycare, made sure I took a zofran before hand & hung out at the OB's office for what seemed like hours.

The appointment was rather uneventful with Carter checking out OK, measuring right on track & kicking up a storm. While waiting to get my blood drawn, I sat in the waiting room watching a spectacle unfold before my eyes. A woman came in for an appointment pretty late & tried to check in. One of the receptionists told her that she was late & the woman gave a super snotty excuse about being stuck behind the train & other stuff going on. Now, I've been stuck behind the train many times before, often leaving me very late to whatever appointment I was going to. In fact, I've been late to an OB appointment because of a slow moving train (after a funeral procession) before & almost wasn't accepted in. But not once did I ever think about going off on the receptionist. Not this lady. She had a massive attitude problem & stormed off to another part of the scheduling area, practically yelling at the next receptionist. I was almost tempted to say something, but kept my mouth shut & hid behind the magazine that I was reading. It sure did make the time fly by though!

After getting my blood drawn, I decided to take advantage of Logan being at daycare & ran a few errands. Before the glucose test, I was instructed to not eat anything high in sugar (carbs, fruit, etc.) so as not to chance failing the test, otherwise I would have to come back for the three hour test. I had coffee & a piece of string cheese. It escaped my mind while shopping that this was the only thing I had eaten today & as I was walking down an isle, I felt my arms go numb, my lips go numb, I got hot & clammy & knew that I was headed toward a blood sugar crash followed by passing out in the middle of Target at any minute. I almost ran to the checkout lane so I could get to my food & water I left in the car (which I usually carry with me in the diaper bag/backpack) & praying that I wouldn't black out in the toy section. There wasn't a big line in the express checkout & thankfully I was able to get out to the car before making a scene. It was a really close call.

Exciting stuff, huh?! So without further ado, here are some 24th week belly pictures...

Looking exhausted because Logan never took a nap

I swear I look bigger in person. The camera adding 10 pounds apparently only applies to my face

Logan trying to listen to Carter, whom he still insists is a baby sister. Too cute!

I love this picture!


angie said...

I agree, last picture is cute. I just can't believe how big he is looking. To think, I've been reading your blog since he was like 3 mos old. Time flies.

Dawn B said...

Awww great new photos! Your belly is getting so big again! LOL
And thank goodness everything went okay with your blood sugar dropping!!Scary stuff.

Joanna said...

Great pics! The one of you and Logan is def precious!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, you look great :) Love the pictures. You look so young!