Monday, June 02, 2008

Still growing
This weekend we did some more yard work & finished the flower beds in the front yard. There's still one flower bed left on the side yard, but we're undecided about what to do. I want to plant spring bulbs there (daffodils, iris, tulips) so that they'll bloom next year, Bill wants to plant some aspen. Maybe we'll do both.

Bill did a great job of making the grass super green & trimming the hedge down quite a bit. Logan was good while I planted the flowers, playing with his cars, helping me pull weeds & finding inch-worms to squish (gross). I do have to say, I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out. There are some things I'll do differently next year, but for the first year of really gardening, it's not half bad. We'll see if it's still alive mid-summer when we hit 100 degrees.

Here are some of the 'Before' pictures

Here are the rest...
Bush taking over the whole front of the house & the five different door mats that the previous owners left (who on Earth needs that many for one door?)

Found out that the previous owners just laid sod over the flower bed. Some kind of flower grew through it, but I didn't know what it was, so we dug it up.

And now for the after...
Hedge trimmed, door mats gone (except for one) & pretty flowers in a row

Gerber Daisies, Plumed Celosia, Poppies & Dahlias

Planted, trimmed & all done. One of the best yards on the block, if I do say so myself!


Beth said...

Looks gorgeous! I love the flowers you chose.

Joanna said...

Looks great!

angie said...

Looks good! I love spring cleaning (and planting). So much fun sprucing everything up!

Erin said...

Looks great, the flowers are beautiful!