Friday, June 20, 2008

28 months old, another haircut & I don't even have the words...
This afternoon I took Logan to get his haircut because it was just getting too shaggy & out of control. I promised him a sucker if he was really good & stayed awake in the car. He made sure to be on his best behavior.

While waiting for 15-20 minutes (because we were walk-ins), he played with the train set & watched a Sesame Street video that was on. He was so cute waiting patiently for his turn to get his haircut & most importantly, the sucker. When the stylist was ready for us, Logan sat nicely in the little yellow car, watched the Sponge Bob movie he had picked out & was incredibly cooperative. I was more than impressed with him. The stylist was too.

She did a great job on his hair & he looks like a million bucks! He was happy when he got to pick out his sucker at the end & was still very good all the way home & during lunch time. I emailed Bill to tell him about our time at the kids' salon & he asked me to send him a picture. This is what happened when I asked Logan if he wanted to take some pictures to send to Daddy:

This is such a great picture & I WISH part of my head wasn't cut off

Saying "cheese" with a big cheesy grin

Hanging out & looking like a big kid

He decided he wanted to lay on his belly, I didn't tell him to pose like this. The only thing I told him to do was stay still

Acting silly

One of the cutest pictures ever! I never get shots like this!

It was just a great day overall & it was all because Logan was such a cute, well-behaved kid today. He played nicely at a board meeting we had to go to & listened to me when I told him he had to sit next to me to eat his snacks rather than spread them all over the house where the little kids could get to them (& choke). He willingly held my hand in parking lots, actually telling ME that there were cars & we needed to hold hands. He stood in line at the store where I had to return a dress & he was very good about staying in line or sitting on a bench - not running amok around the customer service area. He was perfect when getting his hair cut & he was nice about going down to take his nap. Days like this rarely happen! And it's days like this that make me so proud of Logan & the great kid he's growing up to be.


Joanna said...

The pictures turned out great! I am glad that he was well behaved today. : )

momto1 said...

What fantastic pictures! He really is so adorable!

girl from florida said...

Wow, the pics are fabulous... especially of you two and that last one! He looks like a little model :)