Sunday, June 22, 2008

This sucks
Potty training is going nowhere. Just when I think we're making some kind of headway, we take two steps back & we're right back to where we were before. First it started with Logan asking to use the potty a million times a day. He didn't poop or pee, but sat there. That got old, but we kept taking him. Then he peed on the potty twice in one day. We thought "This is it! He's doing it!". He hasn't peed on the potty since then.

We've been putting him in underwear on the weekends, starting slowly from there. Last weekend we would ask if he had to use the potty & every time he would say no. He was starting to put up a fight about sitting on it every now & then, "No potty! No potty!". So we didn't force it. No potty, no underwear & that's that. There were times he peed & pooped in his pants & where he once before was bothered by it, continued to run around in the back yard playing.

This weekend I thought we were getting back on track. We bought him gummy dinosaurs for going pee & suckers for pooping on the potty. He stayed dry all day yesterday, but didn't go on the potty (going in his diaper at nap time & bed time). I thought that was a little bit of progress. Then this morning, same thing - for a while.

I kept asking him if he needed to go potty, he would say no & I would drop it. About every 45 minutes or so I would taking him to the bathroom to sit only to have him freak out "NO POTTY!" & climb right back off the seat. I didn't push it much farther. Then not too much longer after that, he came waddling in with heavy pants. He pooped & peed.


So I got him cleaned up & put on a diaper. I told him that Cars underwear was for big boys & when he was willing to cooperate & tell us when he had to go, then he could wear his underwear again.

Back at square one. Actually, we're in the negative because he's starting the power struggle. Potty training isn't going to work if he fights it like this & I'm not in any mood to argue with him about going potty. So, I think we'll hold off for a couple more months & see what happens.


angie said...

Potty training SUCKS! I've been going thru it for awhile with Ava. I'd rather give birth a hundred times over again! Seriously.

Erin said...

I agree with angie, potty training totally sucks! I feel for you, we're in the same boat.

Hailey now doesn't want us anywhere near her when she's pooping. It doesn't matter where we are, outside, the store, anywhere and she'll stop and say "Go away! I'm pooping!" and if we get near her she yells "DON'T TOUCH MY POOP!" Lovely. I am SO ready for her to be potty trained.

Jaime said...

I'm sorry he didn't take to potty training as you'd hoped. I know how frustrating it is.