Friday, June 13, 2008

The second baby-boom
It's crazy how many people are pregnant right now. For the year of 2008, there is a birth every month in The Club. Not only is it a boom for my friends, but the family as well. We're expecting two more cousins to join us soon.

So, here we have Logan being the first kid born in the family, followed by Cousin B (from Aunt Ju-Ju, or Bill's sister for the new readers) 9 months later, then Cousin M (from Aunt R, one of my sisters) a few weeks after. Now we have Carter coming at the end of September AND NOW more babies after him! Aunt R is pregnant again (not sure if I ever mentioned this before) & due at the end of November. We just got word a few weeks ago that Aunt Ju-Ju is also pregnant again, expecting at the end of January (on Logan's birthday, believe it or not). This doesn't count births in extended families farther down the branches of the family tree. There MUST be something in the water. Seriously.

Not only is it crazy that there are so many kids being born into the family, it's crazy that they're all so close in age & their birthdays are back to back (Logan in January, Carter in September, Cousin B in October, Cousin M in November, Cousin ? & Cousin ? in November & January). Talk about birthday extravaganzas right around the holidays.

So, here we go with the next wave of kids in the family!


Dawn B said...

Whoa! That's alot of babies!!!! LOL
Someone recently (I'll just say their name rhymes with "nom") asked me if I'm having more kids soon!!???
I guess because there are new kiddies being born anytime soon. LOL
My answer- "hell naw".

Kristin said...

We are totally stopping after Carter. It's going to be a permanent decision. I know Both my sister & Bill's sister plan on having at least 3 kids - more power to them!

Mindseye said...

I guess I'll follow up in the rear... In about five years that is.

R is looking good and has the pg glow.

debra said...

It does seem like these things go in waves, doesn't it? When I first started reading blogs, all these women were pregnant with their first babies and now BOOM! the second ones are on the way!

Enjoy your weekend!

Dawn B said...

Wow..anyone that has more than 2 is a huge hero to me. LOL!! I can barely handle 2!!! LOL