Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

Today was a really fun Father's Day. We didn't think it would be that great since Bill threw out his back yesterday & pretty much figured the day would be with him laid up on the couch with ice packs (do your core exercises, man!). Miraculously he woke up feeling pretty good & wanted to get out & spend some time together.

After sleeping in & giving him his presents (a framed story board, picture of he & Logan at the family photo shoot last fall & a framed finger painting that Logan did in his preschool prep class), we ate breakfast & decided to start a Father's Day tradition of going out to play disc golf. Bill has been playing off & on for years (16, I think?) & has recently been on another kick, joining a league & playing in tournaments. He even has a portable pin that he sets up in the back yard to practice & teaches Logan how to throw. This is something that he really enjoys doing & it's something that he & Logan can do together (even more so as the kids get older).

There's a really cool course in one of the next towns over that Bill wanted to go to. It's short (9 holes?) & in the woods. It was a perfect "hike" for a 2 year old son & a 6 month pregnant wife to tag along with. It was gorgeous! The day was great for being out in nature (& for disc golf conditions), with large cottonwood trees & a stream flowing next to the course. Logan had a fun time throwing discs, often swearing right after Bill would when he missed a shot, making us reconsider the tradition & grunting while taking the same wide-legged stances that Bill does for some holes. It was hilarious & we couldn't help ourselves from laughing the whole time (when we weren't getting on Logan to listen & keep up with us).

Logan, like any typical 2 year old boy, would find sticks & rocks to play with, throw dirt & wander off, going on his own adventures in the woods. The kid was filthy at the end of the course. I was lucky to finally get some good video of him throwing a disc at the end, where you can clearly see his quickly developing skills. Bill is certainly training a PDGA prodigy here & he couldn't be more proud.

Happy Father's day Billy! Thanks for waking up with Logan, making his breakfasts & watching morning cartoons with him while I sleep in (& memorizing Dora songs that Logan dances to). Thanks for teaching him fun things like how to play disc golf & being a hell of a lot more patient with him than I am. You make bath time fun because you don't care about messy splashes & you read to him at night when I'm too tired to do anything more for the day.

You are an awesome Dad & it's clear how much Logan loves & idolizes you. When we drop you off at work in the morning, all Logan can talk about is picking you up after nap-time. He wants to spend every waking minute with you & it's the cutest thing ever. I can't wait until Carter is here to follow in your foot steps too & for you to have another little boy who loves you to the ends of the Earth.

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Joanna said...

Happy Father's Day Bill! Sounds like y'all had a great day. I love the pic of Logan with the dirt on his face. So cute!