Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Getting bigger & more uncomfortable
While I don't look huge, the belly is really starting to get in the way now. I can't wait for Carter to drop because he is so high up in my rib cage (just like Logan was) that it's causing me some pretty intense pain. My rib attachments on the right side feel like they're bruised & the cartilage is breaking down or has a grinding sensation. Not a pleasant feeling.

In addition to rib pain, my mid back just aches at the end of the day (from under my shoulder blades to the middle of the small of my back) & it's all from spreading & carrying high. My diaphragm is squished which is making my exercise-induced asthma kick in more often (like when I'm not exercising). I guess the downfall of Carter dropping is that he'll be resting on my bladder. I'm not sure which is worse, losing bladder control or the rib pain. At least there is a solution for the bladder thing, still haven't figured out what to do about the ribs other than tough it out.

It's more difficult to put on my shoes, give Logan a bath, change his diaper & pretty much everything else other than sit on the couch (which actually makes the rib pain worse). I'm having to rely on Bill a lot more when he comes home from work to take over the nightly routine with Logan.

Carter is getting stronger by the day & I can actually see him moving around now. I'm totally going to try & get video of it. His kicks are becoming strong enough to make me jump (like last night while I was trying to sleep). I can start to figure out his activity patterns (mid morning around 8-ish, 1:00 or so & 7 or 8pm & 10:00pm). He kicks & rolls all over the place.

Logan is still adamant that Carter is a sister, no matter how much I try to get him to accept a brother. I don't know what this is all about, but whatever. He is always wanting to feel the baby belly, often keeping his hand on my stomach while he watches Sponge Bob before bath time.

Nesting is getting more intense as the weeks go on. I found an amazing deal on a crib & mattress for $75, now we just have to keep looking for sitting room furniture so we can get the computer out of Carter's room & get it set up. It's ridiculous how this getting-the-room-ready feels like an emergency situation.

26th week pictures...Logan was napping (I wish he were in these with me).

You can't really see the belly here too much

There's the roundness!


Mindseye said...

That is a cute shirt with a cute baby belly! Love it!

COURTNEY said...

My baby is sitting pretty low, but I have a short upper body so I'm getting the same rib/back pain. I've found that if I put a small pillow behind me at the small of my back when I sit and put my feet up it relieves a lot of the discomfort. I know what you mean about tying your shoes. I haven't given up completely on shaving my legs, but I've come close to it a couple of times. My last pregnancy was during the winter so it wasn't quite such a big deal.

Dawn B said...

You look gorgeous!!!!

erica said...

Hot diggety you look AWESOME and I *LOVE* your shirt!!! (I'm relegated to wearing mens crap atm because it's winter and anyway there is nothing even remotely cute and pretty in maternity in Australia that I would even consider wearing...or buying)

On a related note... I wish my weedling would shift. She's firmly planted in my pelvic region and has been there since conception. I'm absolutely positive she has zero inclination to move too, so unfortunately I'm going through some really bad bouts of SPD right now. :(

Joanna said...

Aww...Pics look great! Reading this is bringing back so many memories of being pregnant with Kelsie. I remember her patterns now as you mention it. They would always be in the mornings, mid afternoon and then again as I was trying to go to bed! The rolling, that was a sensation that is just so vivid, that I can remember like it was yesterday. As well as some sorta grinding on the top of my cervix that would have me nealt over in pain!! Let's hope that Logan is just really really wrong and that the dr was really really right about the gender. : )

Ashley said...

You look so pretty!