Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm getting antsy
Nesting is starting to kick in & it's kind of driving me nuts (& Bill too, I'm sure). We haven't cleared out Carter's room to get it ready for him yet because it's still being used as the computer room/library. It's killing me.

When we moved into our house, we decided that we would use the extra room as a computer room rather than a guest room. We've since changed our minds & now the front room is going to serve as the computer room/library, we just need to find an armoire for the computer rather than the desk we already have. I want it to look more like a sitting room than a computer room & everything is hinging on finding this one piece of furniture.

I've looked at every website online & every show room in town. The problem is, we're being cheap. I'm not spending $2,000 on something the kids are going to drive their matchbox cars all over & ruin in two years. We have a price range in mind & instead of buying from a manufacturer or paying an insane amount in shipping costs, it looks like we're going to have to wheel & deal with someone who's selling one. Now we just have to find someone who's selling an espresso or dark wood finished armoire - not pine, oak or anything else (which there are a lot of) so it will match our bookcase & the rest of the computer room furniture.

So, I look for one every day & never find a seller. As time goes on, I get more & more antsy about it. To me, it's starting to feel like an emergency that this room is not finished & we haven't started on Carter's room. It's a nesting crisis for me. Yet, we still have a solid 3 months before we really need to have the room ready for him.

Ugh. I hate feeling this way & just want the damn rooms to be furnished & decorated.

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